Write, right?

At Kaldor we love typography, we love design, and we love to communicate. So, each year, it is a genuine treat for us to design a series of cards and gift tags to share with our clients and our friends. If they in turn choose to write a note and send the cards along to a friend or a colleague, well, we feel very, very good about that.

We treat the creative development of the cards as if we’re our own client. Our designers are given a brief, and the ideas are concepted and presented back to ourselves for feedback. Not only is it an opportunity for our creative folks to flex their illustration muscles, but it’s also a chance for us to create something that we and our clients will find beautiful, and useful.

As tradition would have it, each year we time the printing of the cards to coincide with Christmas. So packaging them up and sending them out is also a chance for us to get together in the boardroom with some egg nog to reflect on the year gone by and wish each other well before the calendar turns over.

For the recipients of the cards, we hope it’s a year-long reminder of our gratitude. In the end, we like to think it’s a win-win situation for everyone.