University of Toronto

Canada’s largest university, the University of Toronto, is also one of Canada’s greatest universities. As their agency of record, It was our job to make sure the rest of the world knows that.


The University of Toronto (U of T), recognized the need to shift its recruitment positioning to attract top students provincially, nationally and globally and hired Kaldor to get the job done. The goal was to create a family of communications that repositioned the brand through print, interactive and video.


The Kaldor strategy team met with over 100 people from the U of T community. We analyzed qualitative and quantitative research, and conducted secondary research. The result was a brand strategy and plan that identified brand pillars to be communicated across all material and the unique stories to be told within each. We produced a campaign of material that was rolled out over a three year term. We gutted the existing Viewbook, reducing the size by half and dramatically refining the information design and messaging. Online projects included a Virtual Tour, online student portal, augmented reality campaign, web design and video. Specifically we created a recruitment video for the Web and the Ontario Universities Fair, which was shown alongside our booth design to over 100,000 students and their families.


The new recruitment brand and various communications had a profound and positive impact on the university community, re-energizing the brand and refocusing the recruitment team. Statistics from the Ontario Universities’ Application Centre (OUAC) confirm the communications shifted existing and long-held perceptions of the University. In the first year, OUAC reported an eight percent growth in applicants selecting U of T as their first choice. The U of T growth accounts for 50% of all growth within Ontario.

We were challenged to rethink the complex undergraduate admissions process. In a competitive landscape with many great universities competing for the best students from Canada and around the world, our challenge was to increase the number of the top prospects who accept a place at the University of Toronto.
We developed an Augmented Reality experience with 1984 alumnus and acclaimed writer Malcolm Gladwell. In full, living colour Malcolm comes to life on the cover of the viewbook and delivers a 90-second anecdote about how his work is still informed by the thinking processes he learned while attending U of T.