UBC Admissions

A critical factor in the University recruitment cycle is to yield the best qualified students. The offer package is a tool designed to inform a prospective student of their offer, and to encourage them to accept the offer quickly and whole-heartedly.


UBC enlisted Kaldor to rethink the way the university offered enrolment to admitted students. The creative solution needed to be consistent with the strategic messages communicated in the UBC recruitment materials, while fulfilling the business goal of increasing yield of top qualified students.


Being admitted to university is one of the most significant events in a prospective student’s life. With this in mind, Kaldor created and designed an offer package that celebrated the magnitude of the achievement. The campus-specific packages position the offer of admission as one to an elite academic community through both design and copy. The New Student Guide prompts students to accept the offer of admission and provides them with an interactive workbook to prepare them for joining their new UBC community.


This offer package ensured that UBC had an increased yield of students, and continued to attract the best students from British Columbia and across Canada.

The envelope, folder and letterhead design treatment position UBC as an elite academic university.