Sheridan Recruitment

A major component of any post-secondary institution’s marketing collateral is its recruitment material. From viewbooks to video, from advertising to street art, this material has to stand apart from the clutter, establish the brand and resonate with the most qualified prospective students.


We were challenged with a complete overhaul of Sheridan’s recruitment materials. Our team was tasked with developing a campaign that would beautifully tell Sheridan stories, big and small, and that would reinforce and promote Sheridan's unique brand pillars: big student life, undergraduate academic excellence, purposeful programming, and powerful creativity. Of course, we were expected to be creative and unexpected in the way we told these stories (hey, this stuff is from Sheridan).


We identified compelling stories from across each of Sheridan’s campuses. Ranging from full student stories to evocative vignettes — little moments that provide a glimpse of life at Sheridan — the stories were accompanied by beautiful photography of Sheridan and its people. The resulting materials achieved a balance between the pragmatic, informational content that applicants require and the compelling visual content that helps prospective students emotionally connect with their future school.


Externally conducted research indicated that students loved the viewbook and ads — particularly their messaging related to creativity. In particular, the use of photography was singled out by all key audiences as a powerful way to show off Sheridan.

A complement to Sheridan's new viewbook, the offer package was designed to create an emotional experience for admitted students. Those accepted to Sheridan received their good news with a highly visual, tactile invitation to join the Sheridan community.
An advertising campaign containing Sheridan's new tagline 'Get Creative' provided examples of what purposeful creativity looks like in various Sheridan programs.