Sheridan Rebrand

Sheridan College is one of Ontario’s leading post-secondary institutions, and is the world’s top ranked animation school. In 2012 their Board of Governors endorsed a bold new vision for the school – to become Sheridan University.


In 2012 Kaldor was selected as Sheridan’s agency of record. We were challenged to create a brand that would support Sheridan to meet its strategic goals, and specifically to move from College to University status. The resulting brand needed to reflect the institution’s strengths and position the school as leaders in delivering purposeful, undergraduate education in an environment renowned for creativity and innovation.


Our thinking was guided by extensive primary and secondary research. The resulting brand strategy document was shared within the institution in order to garner essential feedback and input. We articulated the personality, brand pillars and brand platform for the school and in 2013 translated our findings into compelling, gutsy creative to bring the Sheridan brand to life. First and foremost, the Sheridan brand was designed to communicate Sheridan’s commitment to fostering creativity and innovation in every part of the Sheridan undergraduate experience.


Sheridan was transformed by the new brand, which was launched in the fall of 2013. The school now has a clear platform from which to communicate its offerings and strategic goals. From the wordmark to website, from signage to advertising, from photography to copy the look, tone of voice and personality of the school is clear.

In June 2014, the Sheridan rebrand was recognized with a CCAE Prix D'Excellence award for institutional rebranding. Our partnership with Sheridan is ongoing. We continue to bring the brand to life and support the School to meet its strategic goals.