Sheridan President’s Creative Challenge

Sheridan is an extra-ordinary institution, and it’s no surprise that its leader is an extra-ordinary man. Every year Sheridan’s President, Jeff Zabudsky, challenges his institution to bring out the very best in creativity and innovation.


For the 2013-14 Challenge, Kaldor worked with Sheridan to conceive of a challenge that would not only celebrate their new brand, but inspire the school to get creative and bring the brand to life in their own way. Kaldor was then tasked with building awareness of and excitement about the Challenge – and to inspire the Sheridan community to participate.


Our thinking was simple. We wanted to engage the Sheridan community; to leverage social media to create maximum buzz around the President’s Challenge; and to inspire curiosity and delight at each of Sheridan’s campuses. We knew we needed something big. In a series of stealth overnight operations, we created large (very large) installations designed to stop students in their tracks and encourage them to join in the fun and creativity. A microsite, video and print material added to the Challenge campaign.


From spilled milk to paper airplanes, students, faculty and staff arrived to find large demonstrations of Sheridan pride and creativity – alongside poster and postcard invitations to create their own. The installations were celebrated online, and members of the Sheridan community joined the Challenge, submitting their creations to the campaign's microsite. Most importantly, Sheridan walked the walk as Canada's Creative Campus.

Each installation was constructed in a main thoroughfare or student hangout area to provide maximum visibility.