Sheridan OUF Campaign

The Ontario University Fair brings over 100,000 prospective students to downtown Toronto. Kaldor knew Sheridan needed to take advantage of this big opportunity — with a guerilla campaign showcasing the institution as an exciting, appealing alternative to its post-secondary peers.


Though Sheridan has its sights set on university status, it is not yet eligible to participate in the Ontario University Fair. Wanting to capitalize on the more than 100,000 students who attend the Fair, Kaldor worked with Sheridan to come up with a plan for a guerilla-style awareness-building blitz.


Knowing that many university-bound students may not be aware of Sheridan as a creative, reputable degree-granting institution, Kaldor wanted to place a reminder of the Sheridan option right under their noses — or right at their feet. The night before the event began, the area around the OUF venue was peppered with chalk art installations: messages showcasing Sheridan as a leader in creativity and innovation.


The chalk installations were designed to surprise and delight — and they did. Fair attendees and passersby alike commented on the interesting pop-up pieces. Students attending the fair were also given tote bags containing Sheridan viewbooks and postcards. At the end of day, Sheridan’s materials appeared alongside those of the universities taking part in the fair — and presented Sheridan as a creative, appealing alternative to traditional universities.

The chalk art installations were supplemented with campaign posters and postcards, intended to reinforce campaign messaging. In addition, Sheridan students handed out campaign tote bags, which fair attendees could use to collect materials. Most importantly, the totes meant the Sheridan brand made it inside the Ontario University Fair.