McGill University Recruitment

In our work with universities we have always revered McGill and recognised their distinct place in the Canadian post-secondary space. It was with great pleasure that we accepted the challenge to work with their Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies team.


McGill Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies (GPS) approached Kaldor to understand how it could more effectively differentiate itself from the competition, attract more students and be recognized as one of North America’s leading graduate schools. We were also tasked with dramatically reducing the size of the Viewbook.


We began the project with qualitative research, speaking with both current McGill graduate students, as well as those who had declined McGill’s offer of admission. We added to our understanding of the target audience by using McGill’s existing quantitative research, as well as other secondary research sources and competitive analysis. Our recommendations from the research informed the pagination plan, content outline and creative concept for the redesigned Viewbook. The Kaldor team was responsible for all copywriting, illustration and design.


Feedback from McGill GPS and University Communications is clear; together we have successfully refined the visual and narrative position of McGill as a leading worldwide institution for graduate studies.