Delivering UVic to North America

When UVic discovered that year-over-year applicant numbers seemed to be lagging during the early recruitment cycle, their team turned to Kaldor for our expertise in reaching their prime audience within specific North American markets.


We were tasked with increasing top-of-mind awareness for UVic, convincing the unconvinced to apply as well as getting admitted students off the proverbial fence and into classrooms.


We recognized that our work needed to be dramatic and relevant to 17-18 year olds and their parents in certain geographic markets. We determined the best way to do this was through an advertising campaign that spanned mediums and could be targeted directly at our audiences rather than spread across the population at large. From still images to video, social media to street posters, and building projections to buses, the campaign concept reinforced the academic credibility of UVic by telling six stories of international repute.


UVic increased its total undergraduate applications by 2.7% and admissions by 2.2%. These increases were achieved on top of raising the cut-off by five points, a significant achievement for any university. And because every theme had its own unique URL we were able to track the effectiveness of each piece, with Facebook far outpacing the others in terms of ROI. Through the campaign, there were nearly 25,000 unique visitors to the landing page, changing levels of awareness and perceptions of UVic across British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario and parts of the US.

Transit shelters, bus adverts and street posters were aimed directly at the target audience, creating major impact throughout Vancouver.