Word Up.

When we dreamed up the Word Project, never in a million years would I have predicted that the words I selected would be created out of dirt, mustard, meat substitutes, flower petals, flour, or glycerine and water...or how often a laser would be involved. Here, a behind the scenes look at our team’s increasingly complex Word Project creations.

If you’ve been following the Word Project, you may have noticed that the ante has been upped in recent months. It all started with Tim, who was assigned his first word shortly after joining our team in January. His laser-cut, doilyesque ‘Grundyism‘ was a big hit, and the gauntlet was thrown. Since then, the Word Project has been energized by a friendly and supportive but ever-so-slightly competitive spirit — Word Project oneupmanship. No one wants to follow a Word masterpiece with anything less than exceptional.

It’s made the Word Project that much more fun. Each week, I am surprised and delighted by what becomes of the words I choose.

You can see the whole collection here. Or follow us on Instagram, and never miss a Word.

— Chelsea