vote (n., v.)

It’s hard to write a post about voting without sounding self-righteous and/or self-aggrandizing. I could write about how my dad has always told me that I need to vote — even if I just go and ruin my ballot — because it’s participating in the process that’s important. I could tell you about the time I went to vote when I had pneumonia, or the time I drove my friends and roommates all over Victoria in the ‘Voting Van’ (my then vehicle, a Dodge Caravan). But I would hate to sound self-righteous or self-aggrandizing, so I’m going to leave this one to the Syrup Trap:


Young person who has never voted absolutely done with the system

VANCOUVER (The News Desk) — Vancouver graphic designer Joseph Shore announced today that he would be sitting out the next municipal, provincial and federal elections, despite never having voted in any of them before.

“Politics in this country is completely broken,” declared Shore, who has never registered to vote, after watching a newscast about politics on television.

“Count me out of the next election. And every single one after that.”

Shore told press that his reluctance to vote came from how fed up he was with the system, which he claimed wasn’t functioning properly, and in which he has never participated before.

“I just can’t believe that time and time again, the people who are elected into power are the people who I would not like to be elected into power.”

Shore, who recycles, conserves energy and cares about the environment, also explained that his reluctance to vote came from a sense of powerlessness.

“In the grand scheme of things, I am just one out of millions of people. So my voice doesn’t matter,” he told press while rinsing out a recyclable milk bottle.

Shore hopes that his not voting will ultimately inspire federal politicians to think more about people like him.

“The fewer voters like me that there are, the louder our voices become in the halls of power, probably,” Shore told press.

“As we all know, the best way to get your voice heard is to completely give up and give your political opponents even more power.” ♦

Get out there and vote, friends.

– Chelsea