Salt Spring Sojourn

The first rain in months couldn’t keep the Kaldor crew from having lots of fun on our summer retreat.

Serene Salt Spring Island is known for many things: its fruit, its cheese, its hippies. So how did the Kaldor team spend its weekend amongst the peaceable people of Salt Spring? Shooting beer cans and wielding chain saws, of course.

Once the Kaldor males got a taste of target practice, it was nearly impossible to tear them away. Eventually they did put down the gun, only to pick up a chainsaw. Each member of the Kaldor team took a turn cutting driftwood logs into items of their choosing: stools, tables, cheese boards.  Miraculously, no fingers or limbs were lost in the process.

When we weren’t shooting or sawing, we were eating, drinking, or watching Loulou throw herself into the bay in pursuit of a stick. Again and again and again.

— Chelsea