mum (n.) 

I’ve moved before, to Ontario for university and to Denmark for exchange, but I think my mum knew that my recent move to Vancouver might be forever. Two weeks ago she made the drive with me from Calgary, and helped set up my apartment. In typical fashion she tried to do everything for me, and I constantly resisted in my last attempt to prove my independence.

She really outdid herself, making sure I had groceries, furniture, and cleaning supplies. Even a plant. At the time it seemed ridiculous, annoying even, but when she left me a heartfelt note upon her departure, it provoked a different reaction.

My mum’s letter made it clear that she’ll miss being able to do all these things for me, and that the past week had been a last chance to do so. All of those small gestures add up to the biggest kind of love. It must be hard to let go of that.

So I’d like to say thanks for all you do, Mum. Especially for the small stuff.

- Claire