Meet Claire.

This week we're chuffed to welcome Claire, who will be joining our studio for the summer. A recent BSc (biology) graduate, sometime resident of Copenhagen, and photography enthusiast, Claire brings loads of talent to the Kaldor team. Here, she shares some of her favourite photos (and the stories behind them).

Coleus leaf.

One of the more interesting days in my 4th year biology lab included learning how to graft coleus plants to each other. Its pretty amazing that by simply cutting and pasting differently coloured plants you can propagate these gorgeous leaves. As a photographer and biology nerd this natural “tie dye” was so striking that I had to steal a few leaves from the lab to take home and photograph immediately.

Premier Lake.

This is the best place on earth, as far as I’m concerned. Pure bliss, except for almost dropping my Nikon in the lake for this shot.


This photo was taken during my year long exchange to the University of Copenhagen, and perfectly captures the dark beauty of Danish winter. I feel cold just looking at it, but also nostalgic for the amazing year I had.


This Danish word translates to “animal park” and used to be the kings hunting grounds just outside of Copenhagen. The giant oak trees and herds of deer darting out of the fog made it an unforgettable and eerie experience.


This is my little sister Ellen, the funniest and best friend I have. The photograph was taken on a family trip to St. Lucia using my Dad’s old Canon AE-1. The combination of the light leak, sailboat and Ellen’s silly pose make this one of my favourite shots!