malapropism (n.) 

See also: dogberryism

I chose this word after recently learning its origin. According to Wikipedia:

‘The word malapropism comes ultimately from the French mal à propos meaning “inappropriate” via “Mrs. Malaprop”, a character in the Richard Brinsley Sheridan comedy The Rivals (1775) who habitually misused her words. Dogberryism comes from “Officer Dogberry”, the name of a character in the William Shakespeare play Much Ado About Nothing. These are the two best-known fictional characters who made this kind of error [but] there are many other examples. Malapropisms also occur as errors in natural speech. Malapropisms are often the subject of media attention, especially when made by politicians or other prominent individuals.’

Since George W. Bush has left office, it seems the worst (and often funniest) perpetrator of the malapropism is Mr. AutoCorrect, friend and enemy to us all.

– Chelsea