labyrinth (n.)

There’s a terrific episode of This American Life, called “The Seven Things You’re Not Supposed To Talk About.” In it, producer Sarah Koenig (of Serial fame) interviews her mother about her list of seven things that you’re absolutely, positively never supposed to discuss with other people. Because, quite frankly, it’s vulgar and nobody cares. The list is as follows: how you slept, your period, your aches and pains, your diet, the route you took to get somewhere…and your dreams.

I absolutely agree. Hearing about other people’s dreams is terribly boring. And yet today’s word and accompanying story is derived from my dreams. Not last night’s dream. Not a dream I had one time last week, or as a kid. A dream I have had over and over and over throughout my life. In the dream, I am trapped in a labyrinth and can’t find my way out. And I’m aware that I am either chasing someone or being chased, but I can never figure out which. This is supposed to denote confusion, but that seems far too simplistic an interpretation. Alas, I don’t have an analyst to decode it for me.

Please forgive me for my vulgarity.

— Chelsea