hygge (n.)

Today, a word from Denmark via Claire, who is Danish in spirit (if not in heritage).

When Claire told us about hygge, the first thing — or I should say the first place — I thought of was not Copenhagen, but Comox. For many years, my aunt and uncle had a holiday home there — not a cabin, but a condo. It was massive and modern, and yet somehow one of the coziest places I’ve known. It had dark blue walls and multiple fireplaces and cozy couches (or ‘chesterfields’, as my Saskatchewan relatives would call them) and an eclectic collection of DVDs and years-old magazines. It was a place where you often didn’t get out of your PJs, and if you did, you changed into sweats.

Upon arriving in Comox, you would stop and gather your supplies and rations for the duration of your stay, because once you arrived at the condo, you wouldn’t want to leave. It was a place where I spent many, many days and nights with my very favourite people — cooking, eating, playing board games, reading, eating, napping — while the maritime rain and wind howled outside. It was best in winter.

That kind of Comox cozy is one of my favourite feelings in the world — and now, thanks to Claire, I have a word for it.

– Chelsea