groovy (adj.)

I remember the first time I met Sally Kaldor Douglas, Kaldor’s founder and Managing Director. It was six years ago, and I worked at UVic. We had just hired Kaldor as our Agency of Record, and Sally and her then Director of Strategy had flown over to meet with us and present some ideas for our fall recruitment campaign. She described one of the concepts as groovy — it was — and I remember thinking Wow. Maybe it was the British accent, but she could pull off ‘groovy’. Many have tried. Most have failed. It’s one of those adjectives — like rad — that sounds wrong coming out of most people’s mouths. Not Sally. Somehow, she made ‘groovy’ sound…groovy.

‘Groovy’ has since been phased out of Sally’s vocabulary (she now expresses a similar sentiment with ‘doody’), but I will forever associate that word with her. Her and Austin Powers.