free (adj.; v.)

Remember summer holidays? Yeah, sure, summer holidays are still a thing in adult life, but not like they once were. That indescribable feeling when the last bell rang on the last day of school, and you knew — I’m free. Two glorious months of sleep ins and lake swims and whatever the heck you felt like, really.

If I could tell my school-age self one thing, it would be this: enjoy every minute of it. Summer is different as an adult. Sure, it continues to be wonderful beyond reason, but it’s never quite the same past the age of 18. There’s no last bell for us.

So, young Chelsea, when mid-August rolls around and you start to get antsy, restless, even bored — give your head a shake, eat a peach, and go for a swim. Relish every last second of this freedom, because it won’t last forever.

— Chelsea