Felix’s Fabulous Fundraiser

Felix Douglas was seven years old the first time he shaved his head for cancer. His mum had been diagnosed with breast cancer — a reality that he only began to understand when she started losing her hair. Not wanting her to feel alone, Felix shaved his own head. Two years later, he’s doing it again — this time, to raise money for the BC Cancer Foundation.

His hair will be donated to make a wig for someone undergoing treatment for cancer — like his mum, our own Sally Douglas, did two years ago.

Felix’s inspiration came from his stepbrother, Nick, whose father died of cancer when he was two.  Nick had been growing his hair in memory of his dad, when he heard that his stepbrothers’ mum (it’s a tricky one, but Sally is the ex-wife of Nick’s stepfather) had cancer. Nick immediately offered his hair for Sally’s wig. This remarkable gesture began a touching ripple effect and inspired a number of other hair donations; in the end, Sally’s wig was made with hair from Nick Rutledge, Kathleen Reid (Felix’s sister), Megan Mahoney (then a member of the Kaldor studio family) and family friend Christina Dumont.

“Cancer has an uncanny way of shining a bright light on the love and beauty that is all around,” says Sally. “I was lifted up by kindness, generosity and love throughout my treatment, often from the most unexpected places.”

Two years later, the ripple effect continues with Felix and with Kaldor team member (and Sally’s niece) Claire, both of whom will cut and donate their hair on Wednesday, June 24.

“I want to help end cancer, so other kids don’t have to see their own mums be sick,” Felix says.

If you’d like to support his efforts, you can donate via his fundraising page.