Conor Byrne, Carpenter

There are those people in life who are reliable go-to people — not just for one or two specialties, but for all kinds of things. In our studio, that's Conor: not only a longstanding member of our design team, but also dog whisperer, furniture builder, video editor, and occasional IT guy.

What Conor doesn’t know how to do, he will learn, and soon be remarkably good at. He’s just that kind of guy. He’s determined, resourceful and meticulous. He’s trusty.

So it’s no surprise that Conor has taken up woodworking, and is a natural. After recently watching Conor at work, moving fluently between tools and processes without pause, I assumed he’d been doing it for ages.

Not the case. Carpentry is new on Conor’s long list of hobbies. He’s long wanted to take it up — as a child in Dublin, he loved to watch New Yankee Workshop — but his mum (sorry, mam) made him take French instead.

Fast forward fifteen years, and Conor can’t conjugate être, but he can build you a beautiful dining room table.