Sheridan is one of Ontario’s leading post-secondary institutions, and has been acknowledged as the world’s top ranked animation school. Kaldor has served as Sheridan’s Agency of Record since 2012 when their Board of Governors endorsed a bold new vision for the school. As clients go, Sheridan is the bee’s knees. Smart, gutsy, and real, they drive us to produce work that is on strategy and game-changing – work that will help Sheridan stand apart from the competitive set and reach its ambitious vision.

Simon Fraser University

In 2016, the top comprehensive university in Canada, Simon Fraser University (SFU) retained Kaldor to help them stand out (and for all the right reasons) in the crowded and confusing post-secondary landscape of Vancouver, where universities, colleges, polytechnics and polytechnic universities alike vie for the attention of prospective students. Working closely with a savvy strategic enrolment management team at SFU, we continue to generate work that appropriately promotes the brand of this savvy, forward-thinking and student-centered Institution.

Prince Rupert Port Authority

The Prince Rupert Port Authority (the Port) has many natural advantages. Not only is it the closest North American port to Asia, but it also provides the deepest and safest harbour on the west coast. To prepare for a bright future and keep in step with ever-changing business dynamics, the Port retained us to lead a research study to investigate the strength of their brand and audience awareness of their impact on global, national and local economies, communities and the environment.

Ioticiti Networks Inc.

Ioticiti is a disruptor and game changer in the technology space. They supply business-enabling communication across the rapidly growing Internet of Things (IoT). Ioticiti recruited Kaldor as their Partner of Record and challenged us to help define, develop, and launch two technology brands, simultaneously, both built on technology that is not yet widely understood, across all North American markets. Easy, right?

University of Toronto

Canada’s largest university, The University of Toronto, is also one of Canada’s greatest research-intensive, power-house universities. In 2012, Kaldor was appointed as Agency of Record, and it was our mission to make sure the rest of the world knows about this astonishing institution. Over the course of three years, we shifted long-held perceptions of the University with recruitment campaigns that increased applicant numbers and attracted the very best students. Our most recent work, in 2016, was an extensive research study to uncover perceptions of the liberal arts in undergraduate education in North America.


In our nine years of partnership with the University of British Columbia (UBC), we worked with multiple faculties, departments and business units. During our tenure, domestic and international recruitment saw significant increases year on year, as the institution captivated the smartest and brightest applicants locally, out of province and abroad.

University of Victoria

As University of Victoria’s (UVic) Agency of Record for a three-year tenure, we had the opportunity to work with the brand across different faculties, campaigns and audiences. Undergraduate student recruitment recognized it had an unrealized opportunity to further differentiate its brand from the competition. Kaldor was hired to create a new identity and a campaign of communications materials that articulated UVic’s points of differentiation, and help to attract students that would thrive in this comprehensive university.

Museum of Vancouver

The Vancouver Museum underwent an extensive visioning process that dramatically changed its strategic direction. The Museum’s focus changed to be exclusively on the city of Vancouver and to balance content creation between exhibitions and public programs. Kaldor was selected to determine the new architecture for the brand, and develop the brand strategy, name, identity and creative implementation campaign to bring the new brand to life. Our first recommendation was a subtle name change to Museum of Vancouver (MOV) which better describes the new focus of the Museum and eliminate confusion with other institutions. Given the magnitude of our recommendations, we worked closely with an internal client team and the Board of Directors.

Vancouver Art Gallery

One of Vancouver’s leading cultural institutions, the Vancouver Art Gallery worked with Kaldor to raise awareness of the Gallery, broaden its appeal to a wider demographic and increase membership and attendance. Our success was measured by attendance numbers and membership increases.

MCA Chicago

One of North America’s most important contemporary art museums, the Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago (MCA) selected Kaldor to partner with them to transform their new vision into specific, relevant actions, for the Museum’s brand. We undertook significant qualitative and quantitative research, competitive and comparative analysis, in order to create a marketing strategy that would articulate the brand pillars, values and personality for the revitalized MCA brand.

McGill University

McGill Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies retained Kaldor to understand how it could more effectively differentiate itself from the competition, attract more students and be recognized as one of North America’s leading graduate schools. Qualitative research, existing quantitative research, as well as competitive analysis afforded us insight into perceptions of the Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies. Our work refined the visual and narrative position of McGill as a leading, worldwide institution for graduate studies.

Health Canada

The Canadian government took a stand when they passed a law requiring all Canadian cigarette and tobacco packaging to include graphic warning labels. Kaldor was hired as the studio to conceive of, and produce the Government anti-smoking packaging, as well as a campaign to promote the launch of initiatives. Years after the law was past, research indicates the packaging strategy far exceeded expectations. Tobacco product sales dropped dramatically within the first year. Among people who attempted to quit, 38% indicated the labels influenced their decision. The Museum of Modern Art proclaimed the labels “masterpieces of design”. The Tobacco Atlas is quoted as saying: “Canadian warnings are the most vivid in the world and serve as the model for other countries.”