cheers (excl.)

Somehow, inexplicably, it’s silly season again. Time for too many eggnogs (and glasses of wine… and whiskey sours… and pints…). Time for too much everything, really, except maybe vegetables and sleep and extra room in one’s pants.

Last week, we at Kaldor celebrated the season of excess with… an evening of excess. Two years in a row we’ve gone to Chambar and been well looked after by the most baby-faced of sommeliers, whom we (okay, mainly I) have affectionately referred to as Doogie. The reference is (of course) entirely lost on him.

Kaldor celebrations are always topped off with the same tradition: high-low. Each of us identifies the high point and the low point of our year at Kaldor. It’s always surprising and amusing and touching. We’re often a little tipsy by the time we get to it, which makes it all the more interesting. It’s my favourite Kaldor tradition… tied, perhaps, with Kaldor Day.

As the Kaldor team winds down for our holiday break, we wish you a Christmas and new year filled with the highest of highs.


— Chelsea