Building a New Brand with BCA

We’re delighted to partner with Bruce Carscadden Architect, an East Vancouver-based architecture firm that’s made a name for itself by building some of BC’s most beautiful recreational buildings.

We took to the BCA team immediately. They bicycle everywhere and keep bees in their studio’s backyard. They’re a little quirky. More importantly, they’re a lot brilliant at what they do. If you want evidence of that, see their Penticton Aquatic Centre, or their Hastings microlofts, or their award-winning park washrooms.

Kaldor is partnering with BCA to develop a new brand strategy and visual identity that reflects the increasingly significant role that Bruce Carscadden’s partners, Glen Stokes and Ian McDonald, play at the firm. It’s an interesting project, and a fun one — and we couldn’t be happier that they chose us to work with them.