bond (n., v.)

The Kaldor team is diverse. Okay, diverse may not be the right word — we are a lily white mix of English, Irish, and Canadians of English and Irish descent — but we’re…different. We have the odd thing in common: most of the team has low-grade, undiagnosed OCD. A couple of us are obsessed with the same podcasts, and some of us really, really like mountain biking. We share a love for Scandinavian design and craft beer, though you’d be hard-pressed to find a design studio where that isn’t the case.

It’s more our personalities that make us a funny mix. When our team took the Myers Briggs personality test, Conor and I were exact opposites. This didn’t come as a surprise to anyone. We’re oil and water — extravert/introvert; haphazard/meticulous; verbal/visual. The differences amongst the rest of the team are less polar, but we are a collection of distinct personalities. Of course, this is typically true. We’re all snowflakes.

Why is this worthy of mention, then? Because I sometimes find it remarkable how well our team works — not just professionally, but personally. We genuinely like each other — so much so that we occasionally follow a full week of work with an evening out or even a weekend away together. To spend forty hours sitting within a stone’s throw of one another and not grow weary of one another? That’s a special bond.

I’m pretty sure the feeling is mutual.

— Chelsea