blank (adj., n., v.)

Don’t ask me how it’s already September. It seems I was just writing about school letting out for summer, and just like that it’s back in session. No matter how old I am, or how many years separate me from my school days, I think I’ll always have a bit of a pang at this time of year. It’s not so much that I long to return to school — 19 years in a classroom is plenty, thanks — but rather what this time of year represents.

Newness. A blank page. A fresh start.

It’s loading blank, crisp sheets of loose leaf paper into stiff new three-ring binders. It’s freshly sharpened pencils with pristine pink erasers, and pens whose caps have yet to be chewed or lost.

Evidently, my love for this time of year has nothing to do with school, really, and everything to do with stationery.

— Chelsea