Our Approach

We take on a limited number of projects at any time, so we can give our time to challenges that tap directly into our core expertise and experience. We are dedicated to our work, to the businesses that our clients are in, and are driven by a deep-rooted passion to succeed.

Our best results come from working closely with our clients; we follow a rigorous model of branding and generate solutions based on target audience insights and analysis. We ask tough questions, and push our combined teams to move beyond the obvious tactics, the easy wins, and cliche to achieve measurable, tangible business results.

Our experience, our expertise, our passion, dedication and relentless pursuit of excellence sets us up for success and sets us apart.

What we do and how we do it

We credit the strength and success of Kaldor to a number of simple guiding principles:

1. We challenge ourselves daily to produce strategy, digital and design solutions that are compelling and creative and that are always focused on achieving measurable business results for our clients.

2. We build long-term relationships with our clients based on integrity and mutual respect.

3. We provide a work environment that promotes rigorous learning, personal growth and a balanced lifestyle.

4. We contribute positively to our community by working with mission-driven organizations, and by dedicating our time to pro-bono work with not-for-profit organizations in whose cause we believe.

Mission-Driven Organizations
Kaldor is known as a leader in creating brands for cause-based organizations, including universities, museums and not-for-profits. We have helped transform the brands for four of the top universities in Canada.

Client Selection
Kaldor works with clients who have values, cultures, products and services worth believing in. We focus on three segments: education, social and cultural not-for-profit and public and private corporations. While the subject matter may differ, the process and type of deliverables share many commonalities. We bring value and perspectives to clients in each segment by extending their purview beyond their specific industry and competitive landscape.

Strategic Rigour
We are strategists at our core. We design communications rooted in analysis and strategic thinking. Whether leading target audience research or analyzing existing qualitative or quantitative research, we gain insights that would otherwise have been unexposed about our clients’ brand and target audiences’ needs.

The quality of our design is unrivalled in the cultural space and we have awards and strong business results to prove it.

We are an independent agency, which means that our clients work with senior management throughout the process.

Return on Investment
Our clients hire us in order to achieve specific business goals, and we expect them to hold us accountable. Our track record shows that we are used to meeting and exceeding expectations.

Kaldor is selected time and again by clients who are looking for a team to challenge and push beyond the anticipated. We think that it is through research, analysis, questioning and debate that we will arrive at the best position for our client’s brand.