Founded in 1996, Kaldor is a studio built of expert business consultants, researchers, brand strategists, content creators, designers and makers. For our clients, we are a strategic partner able to engage at the highest level of business discussion and a maker-lab capable of producing powerful, beautiful and effective creative, in house. We are in business to build strong, relevant, and compelling brands that inspire action.

Business consultants

Kaldor is hired by organizations undergoing change. Our business consulting team works with the senior executive to understand all aspects of their organization and the specific, measurable, business goals that are to be met. Business and marketing strategy are informed by insights we bring through primary and secondary research. Through business consulting we mitigate risk and drive change.

Research and strategy

Intelligence and insight derived from primary and secondary research give us the wisdom and confidence to develop marketing strategies that will inspire behaviour and shift perceptions. Research awards us a deep understanding of our clients’ businesses, the competitive landscape, their audiences, and how we can best communicate with them.

Creative brilliance

Our creative and strategic teams sit side-by-side, working closely together to translate smart marketing strategy into a powerful brand expression and gutsy creative. Our rigorous process ensures insights gained through research and consulting drive to the core of each creative concept. From digital to social and from advertising to environmental, from physical spaces to video and from print to advertising campaigns, our creative team delivers work that will move audiences and inspire behaviour.


In an age of necessary, on-going content creation, our maker-lab studio brings our concepts to life, as compelling, unique, and beautifully produced creative, both on-line and off-. Content is conceived of in-house and created in-house. We are maniacs for finely-honed craft. Our attention to detail and to our clients’ brands is absolutely uncompromising.