A Blissful Assignment

Our design team was in bliss, getting to work with a local rock band on the cover for their first EP.

It’s the ultimate rock star assignment. Never mind that you get to work with actual rock stars. You are crafting an identity that pop culture is a little bit obsessed with in its own right. The proof you made it to the show, evidence you were once cool, the iconic band tee shirt your grandson will wear in 2063 – all made possible by graphic designers.

So when our team was given the opportunity to design an EP cover for local band In Bliss, we were excited (to say the least). Of course, we won’t be able to take all the credit when the band makes it big, but we will be sure to let it be known that we were, shall we say, instrumental in launching the album that started it all.

Their EP release was held at Studio on Friday, June 19. Many fans, friends, family and Kaldor team members were in attendance, and In Bliss didn’t disappoint. We expect many more moments like this from In Bliss. Watch for them on the cover of Rolling Stone. It’s only a matter of time, we’re sure. In the meantime, check out their new EP here.